Longarm Quilting Service


Edge to Edge with Statler Stitcher

My longarm service is for computerized edge to edge patterns.  I have several hundred from which to choose.  I normally charge 21/2 cents per square inch but I’m offering a  20% coupon for your first quilt (i.e. 2 cents/square inch.  My plan is to return your quilt to you within 2 weeks and I would let you know if I’m not going to be able to make that goal.  I live in Cherry Hill but I can meet you somewhere close to you to collect the quilt.  I can bring samples of the patterns and return your finished quilt.
I ask that you provide 4 inches of backing and batting on all sides of the quilt, which means adding 8″ to its length and width.   I can accommodate all sizes up to King size.  My minimum charge is $40 but if you have multiple tops on one backing fabric (e.g. multiple placemats or baby quilts), I will charge as if it were one piece.  I can also add binding to your quilt so that you would only have to hand sew it to the back.